The zoning ordinance is an important tool for bringing the goals of the Comprehensive Plan to reality. The Plan establishes a vision for the City, provides policy guidance for growth and development and contains action items directed at the City to implement the vision. The zoning ordinance guides daily decisions and shapes the City we will leave to those who come after us.  Your participation is essential to ensure that it  reflects the community's values and aspirations for tomorrow, next year and beyond.  During the next few months, we ask that you take advantage of opportunities to weigh in on the future of this community.  Your voice is important and Lynchburg is Listening.

Michael A Gillette, Mayor

Michael A. Gillette, Mayor

Michael A Gillette, Mayor

August Public Workshops Scheduled

The Lynchburg Zoning Ordinance was adopted by City Council in 1978. Since that time, portions of the ordinance have been updated, but there has not been a major rewrite. As time and practices changed over the years, both the Planning Commission and City Council, as well as city staff has found the original ordinance outdated and somewhat difficult to apply to today’s world.

After countless meetings, discussions, and hours of staff work, the City of Lynchburg’s Community Development Department has released a draft of the newly rewritten Zoning Ordinance document. A digital version of the document can be found at http://www.lynchburgva.gov/community-development or on the documents page of this site.

Hard copies are available for review at the Lynchburg Public Library, 2315 Memorial Avenue, the Branch Library located on the lower level of City Hall, 900 Church Street, and the Community Development Department, also located in City Hall, 900 Church Street.

Public meetings have been scheduled to solicit feedback on the draft Zoning Ordinance:

Tuesday, August 25, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Information Technology Building, 3550 Young Place

Wednesday, August 26, 10:00 a.m. – 12 noon

Public Works Training Room, 1700 Memorial Avenue

After this public comment period, the draft will be submitted to the Planning Commission for a public hearing, discussion, and a formal recommendation and then to City Council for another public hearing, their discussion and final adoption.


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