The zoning ordinance is an important tool for bringing the goals of the Comprehensive Plan to reality. The Plan establishes a vision for the City, provides policy guidance for growth and development and contains action items directed at the City to implement the vision. The zoning ordinance guides daily decisions and shapes the City we will leave to those who come after us.  Your participation is essential to ensure that it  reflects the community's values and aspirations for tomorrow, next year and beyond.  During the next few months, we ask that you take advantage of opportunities to weigh in on the future of this community.  Your voice is important and Lynchburg is Listening.

Michael A Gillette, Mayor

Michael A. Gillette, Mayor

Michael A Gillette, Mayor

August Public Workshops Scheduled

Thanks to all the citizens who provided the great input at our July workshops. Participants were pleased to see that current direction of the zoning revisions reflects input from previous meetings. Mark your calendars for the next round of workshops, which will be held on:

Lynchburg is Listening
Thursday, August 28
City Public Works Building
1700 Memorial Avenue
Lynchburg is Listening
Thursday, August 28
City IT Building
3550 Young Place

Zoning sets procedures and standards for the use and development of lots within the City. The existing ordinance is outdated, confusing and inconsistent with some adopted community goals. The community workshops will provide give participants the opportunity to discuss key zoning issues in detail. Participants will be asked to discuss ways to make zoning more consistent with community goals and needs. Small group discussions will focus on a variety of questions, including:

  • Changes in zoning districts (such as the range and scale of uses allowed in neighborhood business districts)
  • Ways that zoning setbacks and other standards can better support existing neighborhood character (e.g., setbacks and accessory uses, such as home occupations and accessory dwellings)
  • Refinements of standards to improve compatibility within and between higher intensity uses (e.g., multi-family and commercial uses) and single-family neighborhoods.

The public workshops will focus on providing residents the opportunity to discuss and make specific recommendations to improve Lynchburg’s zoning ordinance.

For more information, contact the community development department at (434) 455-3909 or visit www.lynchburg2030.org.


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